Valeriya Murzak

Presents the Mirror Ball Act

Valeriya Murzak

Presents the Mirror Ball Act

The Mirror Ball Act

If you are looking for tantalising, graceful entertainment with a touch of class and beauty, the Mirror Ball Act will most certainly provide all.
A celestial centre of energy in any space, exploding with beauty, casting light and enchantment over the faces of every spectator.

This UNIQUE circus act combines contortion, hand balance and dance, performed on top of a stunning, sparkling, spinning Mirror Ball.

The act is performed all over the world at high profile corporate events, private events, weddings and product launches.
Originally created as a solo act, the Mirror Ball brand has grown over the last 3 years, recruiting carefully selected performers from all over the world to perform the act, throwing open the possibilities of bespoke individual or multi performer acts to suit the requirements of your event.


Available Mirror Ball Acts

Solo Mirror Ball Act

The original Mirror Ball Act made famous by Valeriya Murzak in 2014. Video shows the full act performed at Sydney Opera House with Club Swizzle.

Duo Mirror Ball Act

Perfect for larger venues looking for alternative entertainment options to the usual aerial performances.
Two Mirror Balls performed in sync will amaze your audiences!

Duo Mirror Ball Act

Welcome your guests in a unique way with a Mirror Ball performance and a stunning spinning Mirror Ball reflecting lights across the entire venue!

The Mirror Ball can be spinning for the duration of your reception drinks with the performer amazing your guests as they enter the venue!

Aerial Mirror Ball

Perfect for keeping the party going. The Mirror Ball can be rigged before the event, brought down for the act and then rigged up again to spin the night away!

Mirror Suits

The glittering mirror theme can spill out into the audience with the use of our stunning mirror people, moving through the event, interacting with all they see. They can also be part of the mirrorball performance. Each carefully crafted mirror suit is a sight to behold and will add that extra sheen to any event.


About Valeriya

Creator of The Mirror Ball Act

Valeriya has performed all over the world from the Sydney Opera House, to the most expensive house in the world in Mumbai, Londons Natural History Museum, British and Science Museums; Sir Richard Bransons Necker Island and the Paul Ricard Islands.
Her acts are guaranteed to turn every head in the room, and her unique Mirror Ball Act will create a pinnacle performance for any event.
Valeriya has performed her signature Mirror Ball Act at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, BRISBANE FESTIVAL and at the ADELAIDE FESTIVAL CENTRE with CLUB SWIZZLE, a brand new show from the producers of the Oliver Award winning show LA SOIREE. In Summer 2016 Valeriya made her Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut performing the Mirror Ball act in LaClique Encore; and in January 2017, was honoured to perform with LA SOIREE at PERTH FRINGE WORLD FESTIVAL.

Most recently the act toured Germany with SKODA promoting their newest green vehicles range; performed at A’DAM Tower launch in Amsterdam; City Hall of Stockholm; Awards ceremony of Mary Kay cosmetics in Germany; launch of NYX cosmetics in Istanbul; F1 Ferrari event for Singapore Grand Prix; SWOTY Awards for Specsavers in London; Together For Shorter Lives Charity Event at Banqueting House, London; Valdimar Hotel Resort Opening in Croatia; German Hairdressing Awards at Mojo Club, Hamburg; Private Birthday event at Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas (also featuring Seal and Maroon); as well as a number of high profile private events and weddings around the world.

Mirror Ball Sizes
Available to suit various venues

90cm diameter – Travels Internationally

  • 1m Mirror Ball – Australia Only
  • 120cm diameter – UK only or driven to Europe

We have two types of rotating stages available, 60cm diameter perfect for International Travel, as well as the 1m diameter stage which can be used to rotate half of the Mirror Ball in smaller venues.

The Mirror Ball can also be dry hired for events as it was done for the 10th anniversary of Secret Brunch at London Roundhouse!

The Mirror Ball can also be dry hired for events as it was done for the 10th anniversary of Secret Brunch at London Roundhouse!
‘Valerie Murzak’s impossibly elastic dance atop a giant disco ball is a starry, beautiful highlight’
Sydney Morning Herald
‘Valerie’s routine atop a giant mirror ball, would have pushed any photographer to the limit in trying to capture every aspect of that remarkable piece’
Broadway World
News for the mirror ball act
“Valerie Murzak is given the chance to dazzle audiences in a breathtaking scene, showing off her elasticity atop a giant disco ball that effectivly turns the room into a space full of wonder and gives The Studio walls one of the most beautiful, elegant moments they have likely ever seen”
The AU Review
‘Valerie Murzak’s extraordinary strength, poise and balance leaves everyone dazzled during her disco ball routine’
Indaily Australia
‘Moscow-born aerialist and contortionist Valerie Murzak does things that appear physically impossible and yet still tantalisingly sexy on top of a giant mirrorball’
The Advertiser